December 19, 2012

Lack of words

Writing is funny sometimes.  Last week, my words flowed with ease.  My thoughts felt cohesive and neatly packaged like a Christmas present, and the last few days I've felt like my writing mojo has taken a vacation.

I've started and stopped about half a dozen posts today.  My heart full of thoughts and feelings, and all of it calling me to rest and spend some time in prayer and solitude.  I've been swirling in the wake of last weeks horrific shooting.  In the stress that planning Christmas day feels like.  In my disappointments over the season and the every-day worries that seem to increase with carrying a baby.  I've noticed that when I have too much going on inside of me, it's often times an invitation from God to slow down and talk to Him about it all.  To name those things one by one and create space for calm where there has been only chaos.

Maybe that's all that needs saying today.  My heart is full and I need some space to sort through some of those things and just be for a while.

And a slower-paced Christmas allows for the time to do that.... 


  1. It is tough to comprehend such a terrible event as last week into something that will help people get through the pain. I do hope everyone does.

  2. I'm feeling the exact same way right now. I have been feeling so off since the events. I just can't shake it because I keep thinking of the families, the children, teachers :(