December 6, 2012

Life right now....

is preparing for a new baby boy. 

I made a mobile for Jacob's crib using the one I had from Tommy's nursery.  I wrapped it in yarn and then used felt to make the circles.  Everything I used to make it were items I already had on hand, so it's not too shabby of a craft considering it didn't cost me anything to make it!  My next craft is going to be making his name using an idea I swiped from Pinterest. 
And it's a bit premature to be hanging things up on the closet - especially since I still have to wash everything - but I couldn't help myself.  Is it obvious that I have a "thing" for sleepers?  They're so snuggly and sweet! 
Even Tommy is in on the preparation.  Last night, Tommy was up on my lap playing a game with me on his toy computer and I could feel Jacob kicking Tommy in the back.  Has the sibling rivalry already started?!  Tommy likes to pretend he has a baby in his tummy too - he thought this up all by himself!
I know I still have about three full months of pregnancy left, but the last trimester is very hard on me physically so I'm trying to get as much done as possible while I'm feeling up to it.  It feels easier in a way to prepare for a baby the second time around.  Probably because I've done this before and we know exactly what we'll need.  Of course it would be nice for Santa to drop a big bag of money under our tree so we can pay for all of the medical expenses and time off of work that I'm trying not to let consume me with worry - but hopefully we'll be ready there too come March.

Life is not all gloomy and down in my world.  Though I'm struggling with things and my hormones are off the charts with crazy (just as Todd about my purse meltdown this morning), I am so looking forward to holding our second child in our arms and being a mommy to TWO sweet boys. 


  1. i love the mobile! you did a great job!

    it must feel so great to hang baby boy's clothes in his closet :)

    Tommy pretending to be pregnant is adorable, hahaha.

    i hope the next 3 months go smoothly for you :)

  2. that mobile is adorable...I always meant to make one for Elyse and never got around to it! maybe for baby #2 one of these days...

    and I love all of his little sleepers, I'm a sucker for fleece jammies which Elyse may or may not sometimes wear all day! ha!