February 4, 2013

The big nursery reveal

With Todd gone, I'm trying to occupy myself and my mind with other things - otherwise I'll sit and cry all day long.  Seriously.  So, over the weekend I finished the last project in the nursery and it's officially complete.  Now, I just need the things I need - like a baby monitor and a diaper genie and bottles and a clothes hamper.  But the decor part is finished anyway and I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out.

Maybe it's a bit impractical to do a whole new nursery for the second baby.  But, who ever called me practical anyway?  Probably no one - says my closet full of shoes.

I knew I wanted this nursery to be soft, simple and boyish with touches of bright color and pops of my craftiness.

Welcome to Jacob's nursery!

This is my favorite space.  Todd made the little shelves for me out of some scrap wood we had.  I found the perfect nick-nacks to place on them as well as some fun wall frames that are just waiting for pictures of our little guy.  Everyone asks me about the giant clothespin - I found it at Hobby Lobby - bought it half price of course.

The crib was given to us by some friends in a honey oak color.  Todd repainted it white and I love how clean and classic it looks.  I made both the mobile (from Tommy's old one) and the name above his crib - both easy ideas I swiped from Pinterest.  I found the sweet alphabet bedding at JcPenney.
I found a used changing table online.  Though it was already white, we touched it up anyway.  I love the muted color of the sheer curtains and the banner I made using ribbon and felt.  Another super fast and easy project.
And the dresser - yes I wanted it this orange!  It was the big pop of color I was hoping for.  The great thing about paint is that you can paint over it again and again.  I'm almost postive this dresser will not stay orange forever.  I was mostly excited to find the lamp with the clear base.  The base of it comes undone making it easy to fill it with whatever you like.  I chose alphabet blocks and put a touch of trim on the lampshade.  His month by month frame waits for his sweet face too!

I love that it's soft and baby and all boy - it makes me happy just to go stand in there and take it all in.  I'm feeling very pregnant and very ready to have this baby!  My diaper stash and sleepers are waiting for him!
His bag is even packed and ready to go. 

We've made room for you and prepared for your arrival with much excitement little one.  We can't wait to meet you!


  1. You did an excellent job! It looks so good!

    I'm really, really loving the orange dresser! It really pops with the gray walls.

  2. I love the orange dresser! I love the whole nursery and your craftiness!

  3. It looks so great! And trust me, I'll be doing a whole new nursery for Baby #2 as well...they deserve a new nursery just as much as the first!

  4. You did a great job! Hobby Lobby is the best!

  5. I hope you will get most of the things you need at your baby shower! Little Jacob will be so welcome, and I can't wait to hold that precious piece of you and Todd in my arms!
    Oh, & you should go into professional decorating.