April 1, 2013


The last few days have been fun.  Really, really fun.  And I'm pretty sure fun was something my doctor might have even prescribed me because that's how much I was in need of it.

My little guy is officially a whole month old now.  He's not anywhere close to having any kind of routine or schedule yet - especially at night, which is a complete bummer - but he sure is precious.
We made a little zoo trip on Saturday where I met the most incredible bear. 
Tommy is like me - he was so not a fan of the zoo.  He wasn't impressed at all.  Now, if the zoo had been full of trucks to look at, he probably would have been more interested. I'm pretty sure the highlight of his time there was when we grabbed some icecream and then again when we left - with a zoo toy truck in tow of course.
 At least there was a fun photo op.
Saturday night, I went to an event my church called "His Story" about the life of Christ.  I cried and my heart swelled with gratitude for my Savior.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I was reminded that His Story was the reason that mine is even worth telling.  Also, my friend Jason played Jesus and I thought it was super cool to have a picture.  I mean, it's JESUS!
Tiffany was in town for the weekend too and that just makes anything more fun anyway.  We snuck away and had some much needed girl time and were able to snag some some margaritas too (though not at the zoo where we are pictured - just to clarify).  Because if the zoo did have margaritas, I might want to go more often. 
Tommy and I took our annual Easter egg-nose picture, though it just wasn't the same without Todd here to take it with us.  But we kept the tradition alive and look forward to our family photo next year.
When you are sleep deprived and doing life on your own - you simply have to make room for funny pictures and margaritas and a night out with your girlfriends.  Fun really is a necessity because the fun is, often times, what gets us through.


  1. love all the funny pictures...and I was so happy to see your post about your house! God is good!

  2. I'm thankful you had some fun, some margaritas (do that for me;)) and a break from the day to day.

  3. mmmhm!fun is important. weird to my mind how much so.
    and, i cracked up -->margaritas at the zoo. oh, we know the world is going to pot when that actually does happen. can you imagine??! drunk parents...