April 2, 2013

Under Contract...already

Apparently, God really wants us in North Dakota. 

The house was officially listed last Thursday.  We had an offer on Saturday afternoon and they accepted our counter that evening.  It was the very first couple that looked at our home on Friday afternoon.  We are officially under contract and as long as everything goes smoothly, we are scheduled to close on May 17th.

I'm not really sure how I feel about the timing on all of this.  It feels crazy fast.  Though I'm excited about having a timeline on when I'll finally be reunited with my husband and we can be a family again, I'm just as sad about leaving.

Actually, I'm more than sad.

I may have been sobbing my eyes out last night in the grocery store parking lot.  It was one third exhaustion, one third hormones, and one third I'm-so-not ready-to-say-goodbye-yet-feelings.  And is it weird that I feel angry?  Because I do.  I feel angry that I have to move away from so much that I love to a place I've never been and where I know no one.  I'm angry that I have to start over and I'm angry that I have to leave a group of wonderful, wonderful friends and family.

I'm glad the house is under contract and that it didn't take long to sell.  I'm glad I have a timeline for saying goodbye.  I'm glad I have about two months here before I leave.  But really, I'm not feeling very glad at all.


  1. First, I would like to say Congratulations! Second, WOW! I know the timing definitely wasn't what you expected, but can I be excited for you? :) All to often in this day in time, it takes FOR-EVER to sell a home, but like you said... "God wants us in North Dakota." God's plan is so perfect and he has picked the perfect buyer for your home. If God wants you there... He is going to get you there.

    However, I do understand the feelings you are having. The change is huge and will be a big adjustment. I can only imagine. Not only will the change be huge, but everything you will leave behind definitely will leave lasting impressions on your heart. I will keep you in my prayers for this adjustment and that all things with the closing will go smoothly.

  2. i think you certainly have a right to be angry, I know that I would be. but on the other hand, congratulations...for me, I would find some peace knowing that you & Todd had made the right decision to move to ND--obviously it's where God is wanting you to be if your house sold so fast

    but of course that doesn't make ANYTHING about this process ANY easier, except that you and your husband will be together again!

  3. Congrats on getting the house under contract so quickly. Your hardwork paid off!

    But I know that at the same time it makes moving seem more real. You probably thought you had more time but now you have a date. And they saying saying goodbye is the hardest.

    Thinking of you

  4. Oh my! I totally understand where your feeling are coming from. That is awesome though. If that isn't God telling you it's time to be with your husband again, I don't know what. I know it doesn't make it any easier though. I think I would feel the same way if in your shoes. Praying it gets a little easier! : )