May 1, 2013

May 1: Life Story

Today's prompt:  Tell us the story of your life in 250 words or less

Born.  First grandchild.  Happy memories. 
Sick baby brother.  Birth defects.  Hospital stays.  Daddy's girl.  Distant mommy. 
Church.  Sundayshool.  Jesus. 
Teased.  Bullied. 
Family gatherings.  Laughter.  Games.  Cousins. 
"Shamu."  Food.  Secrets.  Body image. 
Baby sister.  Disneyworld.
Brother dies.  Mom depressed. 
Dad's affair.  Parents separate.  Devastated.  Chaos. 
Dad moves out.  Dad moves back in.  Mom moves out.  House sells.  Heart crushed. 
Food.  Weight gain.  Struggle. 
Music.  Singing.  Choir.  Success.  Failures.  Disappointments. 
Church.  Faith.  Bob. Youth group.  Good friends. 
Mom drinks.  Alcoholism.  Custody battle.  Dad remarries. 
Graduation.  College.  Vocal performance.  Happy.  New friends.  Fun times. 
Mom dies.  Numb.  No tears. 
Aaron.  First boyfriend.  Love.  Passion.  Sex.  Drama.  Break ups.  Heartbreak. 
Back together again.  More love.  More passion. 
Vocal failures.  Leave school. 
Aaron murdered.  Devastation. 
Sonic carhop.  Debt.  Lonely. 
New job.  New boyfriend.  Jerk boyfriend.  Steals everything. 
More debt.  More loneliness.  Live with Gramma.
Depressed.  Weight gain.  Super obese. 
Faith. God.  Trip to Israel.  Ducks-in-a-row.  Weight loss. 
Online dating.  Darren.  Heartbreak. 
Anger.  Rebellion.  Hating God.  Darkness.  Bulimia.  Excessive drinking.  Violence.  Strange men.  Agony.  Bleach blonde hair.  Car dies. 
God's grace.  God's love. New car.  Returning. 
New church.  Retreat.  Todd.  Whirlwind romance.  Engaged.  Married. 
Dark depression.  Weight gain again.  Confusion. 
Help.  Counseling.  Healing begins.  Marriage comes to life.  More help.  More counseling.  More healing. 
Infertility.  Happier marriage.  Montana vacation.  Hope. 
Buy home.  Tommy born.  Motherhood.
Step of faith.  Change in jobs.  Family tensions.  Grace Goups.  Community.  Friendships. 
Dragon slaying.  Living.  Dancing.  Celebrating.  30. 
Community lost.  Family.  Relationships mending. 
Marriage on the rocks.  Contemplating divorce.  God's rescue.  Softened heart.  Grieving. 
Grace.  Healing.  Understanding.  Forgiveness.  Humbled.  Healed marriage. 
Trusting God.  New community. 
North Dakota.  Bedrest.  Jacob born.  Prepare to leave Texas. 
Disappointments.  Miracles.  Faith. Grace. 
Content.  Joy. Gratitude. 
Texas!  Working mom.  Real marriage.  Full of hope.  Full of longings.  Genuine love for Jesus.  Laughing.  Singing.  Writing.  Enjoying.  Loving.  Living. 


  1. I love how you have done this, so much info in so few words. The happy ending made me smile.

  2. Agree with Rebecca - never thought about just providing one word sentences. You are able to say so much more. I too am happy for your happy ending!

  3. If I was in the same room with you, I would run over and give you a giant hug!!!
    Thank you for sharing your life with others...for your honesty, albeit many times painful..
    You have found the secret to freedom...WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!
    Walking in freedom on a daily basis is challenging for all of us, but you , in your honest writing, have not only gotten a handle on it, you are ministering greatly to others who are in the the same process!
    God bless you and your sweet family as you continue on this journey!!!

  4. Simple words lots of meaning.