May 28, 2013

Some Blog-keeping

So apparently, "Blog every day in May" turned into, poop-out-in-the-middle-of-it-all because May is cray-cray.

Fo shizzle.

Not sure why I felt the need to talk like a teen-rapper just then, but there ya go.  Yo.

Okay, I'm done.  I promise.

But I couldn't keep up with the every day thing as much as I wanted to, and I feel sad about it because I was totally on board.  But it feels like way too much to back-track now so here we are - hello May 28th.  

It feels like ages since I've written - so naturally, a newsy post is as creative as it's going to be for tonight.

Here's what's happening in my neck of the woods....

In a nutshell, life has been nuts!  My new job is great - really great.  I work literally down the street from my house (which  means I never, ever have to drive in traffic - holla!), and with a small group of wonderful, wonderful people - one whom I have known since childhood.  The people I work with leave me feeling uplifted, and even though I'm away from home all day long, my soul almost feels fed after spending time with them even though we are working on letterman jacket orders of all things.  But the job is in its busiest season and my brain is working non-stop until quitting time.  It's been fun doing something new and breaking out of the familiar bookkeeping routine. 

Starting next week, things will slow way down and we'll be able to regroup and tackle some fun summer projects.  I'm looking forward to the slower pace and some fun new changes.

Also, I realized that I have this grand love affair with fall, but there is so much living to do in the summer that I'm pretty sure summer is probably my very favorite time of year even if it doesn't have anything to do with pumpkin related things or planning for holiday gatherings.

It flooded in San Antonio over the weekend.  Thankfully, the waters weren't too bad near our house, though one intersection was shut down about a half mile down from where we live from where a creek had risen and was rushing over the road.  Mostly, I was bummed that the storms ruined our fun waterpark plans with friends that day.  Fun Schlitterbahn today, turned into chores day.  Not nearly as exciting.

We ended up doing the waterpark with friends on Sunday after church and got rained on part of the time and it was even almost chilly.  That wasn't nearly as exciting either.  We Texas folk are used to 100 degree weather by now and this mild 80's stuff is leaving us feeling confused!

Speaking of Texas folk, I'm happy that I'm still one of them considering that this would have been my very last week in Texas had the North Dakota plan not fallen through.  I'm very, very glad that this is not my last week in Texas.

Somehow Jacob turned three months old today. What?  He's definitely a needier baby than Tommy was and requires lots of holding and snuggling and face time.  Though we are at the point that I can put him down for the night fully awake and he can put himself to sleep and he where he also sleeps fully through the night, I really can't complain.  Also, I can NOT get him to smile for the camera or my phone - he sees them come out and immediately puts his smile away.  Stinker.  But a cute one.
Tommy almost made it to four years old without ever having a major tummy bug.  But then last night happened and shot down that awesome record.  Poor little guy caught something awful and spent all night sick to his stomach.  Thankfully, he turned a corner this morning and we pumped him full of juice and Pedialyte and water and he was able to keep fluids and a few crackers down successfully.  But oh man - was that a rough, rough night. 

It may be after 10pm, but a few chores are calling my name before bedtime.  I'm hoping in the coming days and weeks that life provides a little bit more time for rest and for things like reading and writing.  My soul needs all of that.

Like fo shizzle yo.


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    I'm glad to hear that the new job is good!

  2. you sound really energized and happy, even through all the crazy.

  3. Haha I like you all rapperish and stuff, lol.

    I'm glad that Tommy is feeling better.

    Can't believe that Jacob is already 3 months! He is such a cutie!

    Glad that you're loving your new job. You sound really great :)

  4. Jacob is so adorable. Beautiful eyes! I really laughed out loud with all your rapping. That was hillarious. I am glad things are going well! :)