June 30, 2013


Every so often, there comes a Sunday where we do the unthinkable - we don't go to church.  Because every so often, we need a breather and the usual Sunday morning routine becomes more burdensome than something we look forward to. 

Perhaps this makes me a complete heathen, but I don't usually go to church if I'm not wanting to.  I don't believe that Jesus is disappointed in me if I choose to stay home and take a morning "off." After all, He was the inventor of the sabbath - a whole day of nothing but rest.  I think it's silly that people feel like they have to go to church.  I don't think Jesus was about duty or this huge strict list of rules, like every-Sunday church going.

Besides we'll have church tonight....a gathering of friends for barbecue and fellowship and laughter.  If that's not church, I don't know what is.

This morning the washing machine is whirring away.  Every swish heard makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something, catching up on life where I'm feeling so very far behind.  I baked a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies because I enjoy baking and rarely get to anymore.  The menu for the week has been planned along with grocery list.  I  held my baby and put him back down for his morning nap and consumed a giant pot of coffee and drank it while reading a book.  And I'm starting on Tommy's 4th birthday party invitations.

None of this may seem like restful activity - but it is.  Caring for my home, my loved ones, myself.  It's all REST.  All of it feels life-giving and they are the kind of things that feed my soul rather than drain me of something.

We may have skipped church this morning, but it's been a very peaceful, blessed and delicious start to our Sunday.


  1. We skipped today too! I totally agree with you! Hope you have a great day of rest and a great week! : )

  2. You truly are a woman after my own heart. Sometimes it boggles me how you can have the same type of thinking with a person you've never met.