June 29, 2013

Blurry June

It's nearly the end of June and I'm wondering a little bit where the month went.  Looking back on the calendar, there was Bible study, youth group, a month full of Saturdays with Todd working, a smattering of get-togethers and conversations and random friend hang outs, laughter and much life lived and enjoyed.  It seems though that June has gone by in somewhat of a blur and July and all of it's summer glory is just around the corner.

July means Independence Day celebrations, fireworks, an excessive amount of barbecue, some hopeful trips to the waterpark, and our oldest boy's birthday.  Oh summer....it really is my favorite.

With the month nearly behind me though, I'm left looking at all of the pieces of life that fell through the cracks this month.  The things I didn't get done or couldn't go to or that still remain on my to-do list that need accomplishing.  I've felt a bit on the discouraged side feeling like I should be able to stay on top of everything, especially the tiny details of life - like sending thank you cards and remembering to stop by my parents house when they were on vacation.  It tends to be the small things that fall through where I tend to beat myself up for because I feel like I should be more efficient or disciplined.

In all reality, I don't need a lesson on time management.  I need to consider rest.  And it's interesting how after the season of rest I just left, I have taken none of that with me into this one. 

Once again though, I feel like God is up to something in my heart and marriage and life.  I'm pondering some new things, doing some dreaming about possibilities for the future, and looking to Todd in ways that my heart has never been inclined to before.  It leaves me feeling curious and even excited, but it still does nothing for my current to-do list and life-load.

And speaking of the current to-do list....I have bills to pay, laundry to wash and bathrooms to clean before the baby wakes again. 

Looks like June will end in a blur of activity in the exact same way it's been all month.  I'm hopeful though for what clarity and peace and rest might be waiting for me in July....if I let it.


  1. AnonymousJune 29, 2013

    Is it a to do list item if there are margaritas? Because we need to figure out when we're getting together! I'm babysitting my nephews somewhere between July 3-6 (my brother hasn't let me know yet), but I don't have any other plans until my flight on the 16th. I have my old number while I'm here or you can message me on FB. Can't wait to get caught up!

  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2013

    Also, twice now, I've read your title as Blueberry June, which I guess tells you either that I'm still blurry from being on Japan time or that my mind is on pie.