August 8, 2013

Real Mail

It's not often that any of us get real mail anymore.  You know, the kind with stamps and written words sent from one physical address to another one.  If you're lucky, you might get a birthday card from a distant relative, but on an average day, you probably don't get much in the way of non-bill mail.  This is probably why I get excited about Christmas cards, because it's an entire month of getting real mail.

But on an ordinary Tuesday in August, I received some.

Sweet words from a new friend at church.  I may or may not have sobbed everywhere, because it came on the day with the broken glass and severe exhaustion.

I love how things like that happen and come just when you need them to.  When you feel like you're failing at everything or letting everyone down, God puts you on someone else's heart and makes your entire week and gives you whatever it is that you need to keep carrying on.  All in a small flowery notecard.

There has been beauty in my week.

Though my kitchen says otherwise.

Hope you have found some beauty in your week too.

1 comment:

  1. Real mail is the best. These days, I drive 20 minutes each way to check our mail since our box is on the base where Raj works, not where we live. Between the drive and always hoping there's something from Raj, the disappointment of having nothing, or only credit card and bank statements really sucks. But yesterday, along with the bank statement, there were pictures my nieces colored that my sister sent me. Made the whole trip there worthwhile.