August 9, 2013

Frito Pie Week

This was the week in which I had Frito Pie for dinner one night.  Because ya'll, this was a Frito Pie kind of week.

This was the week that I took a long and hard look at my schedule and decided what I could and couldn't do.  I said no, I said yes, and I trimmed out the things - some of them good things - and simplified.  I'm looking at a clearer calendar and more time at home with my family.

This was the week my friends watched my baby and loved on him all day for me.  

This was the week that I really, really missed my mother-in-law.  She is such a blessing for me and carries so much of my load.  With her gone on vacation, I saw where I am so blessed by her help and her presence in my family.  It's because of her that I am able to come home from work and NOT make Frito Pie for dinner.

This was the week that my boys got runny noses and little fevers and needed some extra mommy-time and so I ended up only working three days.  So that makes this the week before the week with the tiny paycheck.

This was the week it was 100-and-something degrees every single freaking day.

This was the week I decided to participate in a half-marathon in the fall.  I'll be walking it, but I'm doing it.  It's for an amazing cause, and I don't want to miss being a part of it.  I'm also excited, because after all of the simplifying, I think I've figured out a way to make time for exercise a few nights a week.

This was the week that I wrote more because I was determined to.  Even if it wasn't my best or most creative, I made time for it.  And I absolutely have to take time for me.

This was the week I got a new (and free) cell phone.  And got addicted to Candy Crush.

This was the week where Todd and I had more honest and real conversations.  I'm starting to love them because they remind me that we are going somewhere.  It's a hard page we are on, but a very good one.

This was the week we finally paid off all of our medical bills from having Jacob.  Coincidentally, this was also the week I was finally able to order prints of his newborn photos.

This was the week that was broken and beautiful and I saw both every day.

This was the week where I've been thankful for Frito Pie.  For a husband's warm embrace.  For baby laughter and toes, for selfless and sacrificing friends.  For living in Texas and having air-conditioning.  For encouraging notes in the mail from precious friends.  I've been thankful for time at home yesterday and today and tomorrow even if it means fussy babies and runny noses.  I'm thankful for broken vases and mother-in-laws and hot bubble baths.

This is the week in which I remembered how tasty Frito Pie actually is.


  1. I'm so excited for you to do your first half! It's such an amazing feeling of accomplishment when you cross that finish line. There's this thing I found (on Pinterest, I'm sure) that says "The miracle is not that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." Yep. Signing up is half the battle. And I swear, I found a new respect for my body once it had carried me 13 miles.

  2. ughhh...candy crush. it's definitely addicting.

    and now you have me craving Frito Pie, even if it is hot outside!

  3. Sounds like a damn good week to me! And now you've got me craving frito pie for lunch today :)
    What a blessing to be able to pay off all your medical bills. That's wonderful!

    Happy weekend!
    Alisha and Brandon {the blog}