September 16, 2013

The Girly Shower

When my dear friend Sarah announced that she was expecting baby number three, I hoped with all of my heart she would have a girl.  Seeing as we both had two boys, I was aching to see some pink and girlyness around - not to mention, FINALLY getting to throw a baby girl shower.

So, when the sonogram revealed the precious pink news, I immediately got to planning to the girly shower of the year.

Of course I drew the majority of my inspiration from Pinterest.  And though pink may be a bit cliche when having a girl, it also felt like the perfect choice for a dainty and feminine shower.
The details are the most fun part of planning any party.  Down to the pink and white striped paper straws that we drove all over town to find.
Baby's breath, pearls and twine gave everything both soft and rustic touches.
 We had a baby brunch so the menu planning was easy and delicious.
When we had the shower date set, I called up her sister in Kansas to see if she could make it in for the weekend as a big surprise and was so excited when I found out she was going to be able to make it work.  Needless to say, it was a tearful and joyful surprise!
  And to boot, they were even matching!
I'm not big on baby shower games - I despise them actually.  However, I came up with a silly name game since Sarah and her husband are a bit notorious for taking their time on choosing baby names.  Her little girl is still nameless, though we believe this time they're being sneaky and keeping us in suspense.  Either way, we decided we would help her decide on  a name by making some suggestions.

I had everyone write their favorite candy/treat on one piece of paper and their first pet's name on another.  We combined them together and we came up with the perfect choice:  Baby Ruth Hadiya (prounounced Hah-de-uh).  It was a silly game, though we did end up referring to her as Baby Ruth for the remainder of the party!

The sweet girly gifts abounded - which is the best part!

Precious sleepers and dresses and tutus and ruffly things - for a mama like Sarah with two boys, all of the frilly clothes are quite a change!
It was a sweet shower for the sweetest friend. 

 By this time next month, we should all get to meet sweet Baby Ruth!

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