September 17, 2013

Remember September

In South Texas, September usually comes with muggy, humid, weather.  The air is thick and tangible and it always precedes one last season of unfairly hot weather before the first front breaks through and makes it all the way down to our side of the equator. 

But aside from the predictably sticky weather, September is a time of reminiscing for me.  It takes me back to the beginnings of Todd and I, our love story and romance and how it all unfolded so surprisingly for us both.  I love looking back on the life we've shared together and seeing this beautiful dance we've danced together for the last eight years now.  One in which I invite him out on to the main floor and out from the corner he was sitting in.   And he invites me to sit one out, to join him in the back.

Eight years, three trucks and two boys later, it feels bittersweet almost to reflect on those beginnings.  It's when you meet and fall in love and can't bear to be apart when all of this magic happens.  And it's not that the magic is lost really, but over time you become so used to the magic there, it takes something extraordinary to remind you of what you have together.  It can be easy to forget when there are bills and baths to give and a million other things tugging at us every moment of the day.

I've learned that with love and marriage, it's like that though.  There are seasons of bliss, of intense closeness, of just feeling ridiculously happy together.  And there are others where you feel a hole, a distance, often times caused by frustrations - the same frustrations, the same issues you're always talking about. 

Regardless of the holes that need filling, or the moments we feel ridiculously happy that we still have one another to wake up to every day, I'm grateful for September. 

I'm grateful for the memories of our beginning.  How we got swept up in one another, in love, in autumn.  How wonderful it was to be kissed and hold hands and feel love wrapped around me and seen in the face of this kind, handsome, gentle man.  I love how this time of year always makes us remember.

Our life-dance forever changed by one quiet September night.

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