September 20, 2013

Autumn Solstice

I noticed it a few days ago.  That moment I wrote about and have been eagerly awaiting?  It came, it's here.

Softly, beautifully, it came streaming through my window. Signaling the much anticipated event of the year - autumn solstice.  Fall's arrival.
See what I mean?  Wouldn't you wait for this every year too?

This week brought surprises - the kind of surprises you never see coming, which are of course the very best kind.  October is bringing relief for my schedule, more time home with my family, less time working.  Answers to prayers.

In celebration of the light, the surprises, and autumn's official arrival this coming Sunday, I'm ushering it all in.  The fall foliage, the warm colors, the pumpkin pie.  It's happening.

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