October 23, 2013

Firsts with the Second

 First time to start crawling.  
(October 8, just a little over seven months old!)

 First time to get stuck under the coffee table.

 First adorable dinosaur hoodie.

 First pumpkin patch photo fail.

First black eye.  Self-inflicted, poor thing.
(He thinks he can stand up on his own already.  But his face met the bottom of our end table and told him otherwise.  True to his character though, he keeps on trying and it's all he has wanted to do since he learned how to crawl.  I can guarantee you that this one will be walking well before he turns a year old.)

Also, he thinks baby food is for the dogs.  
He has no teeth but if you give him real food, he packs it away.
 Lots of firsts with our second boy.