October 1, 2013

The first of October

On this first day of October, the government shut-down and Obamacare threw up all over my Facebook newsfeed.  Impending stock market crash predictions, the affect the shutdown will have on our gas and groceries, how "evil" Obamacare is for us, and the general impending doom of America - you get the gist.  There seems to be so much venom, hate, and overly opiniony opinions.  Not exactly how I would hope an October would be ushered in. Not the month-o-pumpkins and scarf wearing and general "fall is here"merry-making.

I've always had a hard time knowing where to land in these places.  I don't want to get caught up in the debates and arguments - it seems futile to me.  I think there is a difference for standing up for what is right and being argumentative and self-righteous.  While I understand that everyone has things to say and has feelings about our leaders and their decisions, it's how people talk, especially to each other, that turns my stomach.  Especially - ESPECIALLY - people who say that they are Christians.  Often times they seem to have the ugliest things to say in the ugliest ways and I can't help but wonder what Jesus' voice might sound like amidst all of this chaos and confusion and drama.   I'm not really sure, but I can guarantee it wouldn't be ugly. 

So I go quiet.  Unsure of what to say or do.  What I want my voice to sound like in all of this.  And I'm left feeling silenced.

I did what I could for today.  Tried to get informed, do some research.  Read different things from different points of view.  I highly recommend that for anyone and everyone.  Get to know the facts, do some research.  And if you still have something to say - can we say it with kindness and respect?  *sigh*

I also turned Christmas music on my Pandora station at work today - because it's October and regardless of shut-downs or whatever bad news there is, Christmas music in my world always begins in October.  It's tradition.

I came home to my boys, one of whom had a lesson tonight about obedience. How it's important to obey mommy and daddy because sometimes what we are instructing is for protection and to keep you out of harm's way. This lesson has sat heavy with my mama's heart tonight.  I have questions for God and my own areas of obedience and an accident that caused glass to shatter all over the floor, has disrupted my heart in more ways than one.

I got some exercise.  Regardless of the up and down scale and the discouragement and all the efforts that feel wasted sometimes, I took care of my body.

I turned off Facebook and quit reading the news and the opinions and the forecasts.

So for now, at the end of this first day of October, I'm feeling quiet and restful.  Trusting that God has this - He has me, He has us, that nothing that happens in our world doesn't happen without His eye on it, without some greater purpose or plan. 

I'm looking forward to the cozy, quiet a south Texas autumn brings.  I'm looking forward to trying out some new soups in my crockpot this season.  Planning our annual pumpkin-carving party, doing some reading.  And enjoying how I'll be working less hours and having more time for my family, more time for me. 

I hope you all find some peace, rest and kindness this first of October's night.

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  1. I hate politics, I really do! I just want to go to work and get my paycheck and not have to worry about what side wins. It sucks.