April 1, 2014


You have to be from Texas to truly understand our infatuation with Bluebonnets.

You see, spring is a season that literally lasts for a few weeks here - maybe a full month if we are lucky.  There is a short period of time where winter is gone and everything buds up new and green and the weather is absolutely divine.  Wildflowers show off in glorious displays of reds, blues, yellows and bright purples.  It's so breathtaking you can hardly stand it.  But then by May it's gone, and the fresh, new life of spring gives way to heat as summer starts early and ends late. 

Those few weeks of spring though, we enjoy and relish and bask in the glory of windows open weather and the glorious display of Bluebonnet filled fields.
The greatest symbol of spring's arrival in our part of the world are the Bluebonnets.  It is something that every Texan looks forward to with great anticipation.  It's a Texas tradition too - you have to take pictures in the Bluebonnets.  Or force your children to.

My boys are no exception to this tradition.  So naturally, this past Sunday, I dressed them to match (oh yes, I did) and plopped them smack dab in the middle of a Bluebonnet field in hopes of having some of my own precious spring memories.

To my surprise, they both did well.  They smiled and everything.
 In a few weeks this beautiful patch of Bluebonnets will be gone and another spring will have already passed giving way to our usual six-month long summer.
But for now, for this moment, for this day, I'm enjoying the beauty and welcoming in the spring.  Delighting in the gift of Bluebonnets, a vibrant reminder of my Texas home. 

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  1. Your boys are just so precious and beautiful? Do you say that about boys? Maybe for now…. You are blessed.