August 4, 2014

Family Beach Trip

The beach has always been my most favorite place in the world, so when I think of vacationing, I think of sand and ocean and water and being poolside in the sunshine.  I grew up going to the coast with my family almost every summer and those memories are some of the sweetest that I have.  I wanted to give my boys some of the same memories.

Last week, we drove down to Port Aransas and stayed for the week.  Seeing as it was our first vacation in six years and our first as a family, we quickly discovered that going on vacation with children feels much different.  Like when they wake up at 7:00am, and one needs a nap and the other would rather watch Star Wars than build a sandcastle.  There is no sleeping in or late dinners or long walks on the beach at night. But there was plenty of playtime and snuggles and jumping on our bed in the morning.  It was nice to have nothing to do other than enjoy our boys and be together. The week came with it's disappointments, but it came with fun memories too.  Jacob wasn't crazy about the beach, but Tommy seemed to enjoy it.  Tommy hates the pool for some reason and Jacob doesn't want to get out of it.  It's almost as if they have two parents who are just as opposite as they are.

Me?  I could stay outside all day.  Nothing is more relaxing than sitting by the ocean listening to wave after wave come to shore or by the pool with a good book and an ice-cold drink.

The week was full of adventure, relaxing and playtime.  We went swimming and built sandcastles.  We ate ice-cream and sno-cones and had the best shrimp at ever at Snoopy's.  We sat on the shore and watched the waves.  We played with our friends who got to join us for some of the time.  We watched sea turtles and dolphins go in and out of the bay at the Marina.  We walked on the boardwalk and even saw a real pirate ship. 

Our time together was sweet and much needed.  And like any vacation, it was good to get away and it was very good to come home too. 




Our summer beach trip is now behind us and summer is coming to an end already.  We are buying school supplies and readying ourselves for Kindergarten and new routines and getting back into the swing of regular life and ministry and the every day we are used to. 

Thankful for memories.  How I treasure them, especially the sweetest ones.


  1. Such a great vacation and great memories! I love the beach also. I wish Vermont magically migrated to the coast and became and beach coastal community. Ha!

  2. Man, beach vacations certainly do look different with children! But they are certainly no-less fun...just a LOT more exhausting!

    Either way, the beach is my ultimate place so I could care less!