October 16, 2014

Gratitude trumps fear

In a world that is growing with fear over terrorists and diseases and so many things unsure and unsettling, it seemed fitting to remember gratitude.  To thank the One who is on His throne – who sees all and knows all and somehow has a miraculous plan to work out all things for His good and glory.

Gratitude not only squashes out discontentment, but it silences our fears.

On this ordinary Thursday in October, I am grateful for....

Sunlight and October breezes coming through open windows.

The smell of sweet spices baking warm in the oven.

Faces, tears, hearts of precious teenage girls I spend my Wednesday nights with.

Health, safety, our home, my family, clothes to wear, food, water, cars to drive, jobs that provide income – even if only for just this day.


The ability to move, walk and push my body to do things it never has before.

Life-long friends.  The ones that endure every season of life, every age and trial and circumstance.

Remembering my mother – and those who remember her with me.  Memories, even grief at times, are gifts to our hearts.

Sweet teaching moments with Tommy.  Like how he lied yesterday because he was hoping to do something “fun” with dad - and if he made up a story then maybe we’d feel badly for him and treat him to a special outing.  We heard his heart asking for attention and quality time.  And he heard that it’s okay to ask us for what he is needing.

Jacob’s messes and disasters and chaos.  His laughter and liveliness and mischevious blue eyes.  Oh that boy, he has my heart.

My husband – loving, adoring, serving, flirting, playful, caring, supportive, helpful, gracious, handsome.  And mine.

My faith in Jesus Christ – He is my hope, my everything – in Him I have everything I could ever want, everything I need, even in death. 

Weaknesses.  For it’s there I cling to God the most and where He is most glorified.

Christmas music.

Being read to by my Kindergartener.

Our refrigerator covered in drawings and hand-prints made into spiders and notes that say "I love you Mom and Daddy."

How God wrote it in Scripture, again and again, over and over, that we were not to fear.  He is for us and with us.  He goes before us and stands behind us.  He never leaves us or forsakes us.  No terrorist, no Ebola virus, no political party, no controversial law will ever make that untrue.  I am grateful for such a God.

Are you afraid today?  Try gratitude.

Every fear has no place - at the sound of Your Great Name.

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