November 1, 2016

A Star Warsy Halloween

There will come a time when my kids won't want me to dress up for Halloween, much less, coordinate outfits with them.  But it was not this year.  This year, Tommy and I teamed up for outfits with Star Wars as our inspiration.  Because, of course.

Before Halloween night though, we had our annual pumpkin carving party.  And sticking with the Star Wars theme, I carved the Rebel Alliance symbol into our family pumpkin this year.  No one knew what it was though and I began to question all of my relationships.
To his dismay, Tommy woke up with a weird tummy bug on Halloween and didn't go to school.  He got to feeling better, but because he missed school, I told him he had to sit out for trick-or-treating, which he was actually a pretty good sport about.  I told him we could still dress up and take pictures and he could help dad pass out the candy.

First of all - this one.  He wanted to be Antman for Halloween which I was thrilled about, because out of all of the Avenger characters, Jacob's personality suits him well - funny, crass and when he gets big, he gets BIG.  When the outfit arrived, he was a ball of excitement and it quickly unraveled when the Antman mask didn't feel right on his face and he threw it down in tears and rejected the costume all together.  I bought a costume for nothing and he was disappointed to boot.  So we went with a costume we already had and called it a day.

I'm Batman.

Tommy told me months ago that he wanted to be Finn for Halloween and if he was Finn, would I be Rey with him?  How could I resist?!  A bad-ass Jedi with a cool outfit?  Yes, please!

If you know me, you know I don't sew.  Like at all.  Like not even a button on to a shirt.  But give me a glue gun, and I can make anything.  Including his Finn jacket. I bought a beige jacket and hot glued felt to it to make it look like the jacket from the movie.  It was okay, but Tommy thought it was amazing which is all that really matters. It was hot glued with love.
My costume started with the hair.  By the way, if you ever want to do the Rey hair, my tip is to separate your hair into the three parts and start from the bottom and go up.  It doesn't work as well if you start at the top.  I was mostly excited about my hair.  And the staff.  And the over-all bad-assness that is Rey.  I was just excited.

And because I'm a big kid and I have to make up for all the years I never got to dress up for Halloween.....
Jacob went trick-or-treating around our block and we snapped a picture with our neighborhood friend who was also dressed as Batman.  Jacob was thrilled that a big boy was Batman too.
And just like that, we have another Halloween in the books with my boys. And suddenly, it's November all over again.

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