March 6, 2017

Holy rusted metal, Batman!

Throwing parties for my boys is my favorite.  I know there will come a time when they grow out of themed birthdays and maybe that's why I go over the top every chance I get because I know one day they'll be like, "Come on mom, I just want to go to the lake with my friends."   And I will sit in a pile of colored streamers and mourning the days when I was making monsters and Elmo faces, and creating superheroes and spaceships out of paper lanterns.

But for now, my boy is four.  And themed birthday parties still reign supreme.  This year was no exception. 

Jacob has been infatuated with Batman for months.  He was Batman for Halloween and he wants to watch all the Batman things on Netflix, though I have to find the ones that aren't as creepy, because Batman is a little dark ya'll.  They watch the old Batman movies from the 90's (with the exception of Batman Returns, mostly because I can't even handle The Penguin and how freaky that movie is).  My boys love the cheesy George Clooney rendition with The Freeze and Poison Ivy and where both Batman and Robin have visible nipples on their suits.  Like, really?

Anyway, Batman was the natural choice for birthday party number four for my little guy and I began planning all things black and yellow. 


And then, I happened upon the best thing ever.  Batman, himself. 

Thanks to the world of Facebook, I found the most awesome guy in our local area, The Batman of San Antonio.  He is an active member of the community, visiting hospitals, schools and heads up fundraisers for sick kiddoes.  I mean, he is pretty amazing.  And as a bonus, he makes appearances at birthday parties and of course, I had to make this happen.  I made arrangements with Batman and I couldn't wait to surprise my boy.

When Batman came in, Jacob had a look of shock, confusion and awe on his face.  It took him a while to warm up to him and some of our younger party guests totally freaked out.  Batman is a little intimidating I suppose with the dark mask and all.  Batman came with presents for Jacob and treasures for all the kids.  He told stories and answered questions and stuck around to take plenty of pictures.  He sang Happy Birthday with us and made Jacob's birthday absolutely unforgettable!  The Batman of San Antonio's motto is "Be the change."  He encourages everyone to be a positive change in the world and to live in a way that inspires good and kindness in others and I love that he came to share in Jacob's day.

I've loved listening to him tell people that Batman came to his birthday party, and Batman was in his house and Batman gave him presents.  Seriously, my mama's heart explodes creating these fun memories for my boys!  Also, now my kid knows that I personally know Batman and I feel like this gives me the upper hand somehow.

"Always be yourself.  Unless you can be Batman.  Then, always be Batman."

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  1. Oh, Jenn, that must have been such a wonderful day for ALL!! I can only imagine!
    What a fun mom you are!