April 4, 2011


Todd worked quite a bit over the weekend. His shift on Saturday was so awful that he was ready to walk out and just never go back. And I can't blame him. It's thankless and grueling work. It's physically demanding and it goes late into the night when he would rather be home.

Even so, we truly made the most of our time together this weekend. We stayed up late talking. We watched a couple of movies. We prayed and read together. And you know, some other things too.

The weekend felt like we were able to reconnect again. We experienced a taste of what is to come on a more regular basis after this pizza delivering season finally comes to an end. It reminded me of what we had together before this started and what we still have together. And that even though our time feels few and far between right now, we still love each other and we're going to make it through this time in our life where it has often felt like we had started to unravel in certain places. Over the weekend, I felt us rethreading what had come undone these last several months. And this morning, my heart is still singing.

About an hour before Tommy's bedtime last night, we headed out together for kind of an impromptu date night. We didn't do anything particularly exciting. We ran a couple of errands, walked around Walmart and found Tommy a blow-up swimming pool and more Matchbox cars that he kind of doesn't need. We shared a cup of icecream and ate it outside where awesome oldies were playing. And we went to the grocery store together. And maybe it sounds silly, but I've always loved grocery shopping with my husband. Something that feels like a mundane chore is always more fun when we're together. He slaps my butt when we walk down the aisle or we stop for a kiss next to the cereal. And sorry if this is TMI - but I'm still feeling the warm fuzzies and I'm still wanting to relish in them.
We (hopefully) only have a couple more months of him being gone more than he's home. And I'm sure there are still some rough or lonely or long weekends ahead spent without him. But I think we're gonna be okay.

In fact, I'm sure of it.


  1. I love that y'all were able to reconnect! So sweet & awesome. And I don't think it's silly that you like grocery shopping with Todd! Nate and I love grocery shopping together too. :-)

  2. I loved the fact that we got to reconect and spend some good time with each other...here is to more of it!!!

  3. How cute with the making out in the grcoery store. Ahh the good ole days...Now I'm lucky if I can get him to help bring in the groceries out of the car.