June 12, 2011

I wanna celebrate and live my life!!!

Whew. What a weekend! It was one of those super-fun-non-stop, go-go-go kinds of weekends. Yet it was an absolute blast.

Friday, Tommy and I spent the day with some friends in New Braunfels at this amazing place called "The Island." It's kind of like paradise. It's a beautiful stretch of land in the middle of a river. You can swim, float, and canoe and there are places to grill and lay out. Tommy and I played in a shallow area of water perfect for kiddoes his size. We had a blast!
Any day where he can play in the water and be outside is a great day. He loved filling his truck with river rocks!
However, he wasn't too keen on the idea of taking a picture with me to document how much fun we had together.
Saturday we went to a birthday party for our friend Addie. We played with balloons and ate cupcakes and made everyone laugh.
Saturday evening, we hosted a birthday shin-dig at our house for my very long time friend Sarah. I set a few things out to make it fun and festive.
I baked like the yummiest chocolate-chocolate cake in the entire world.
Her husband Dave drove her around town blind-folded and wouldn't tell her where he was taking her. So when he brought her into our house, she had no clue where she was at.
We ate fajitas and played some games - chicken feet - a long time favorite of hers and mine too!
We have been friends for officially half of our lives now. We met when we were 15 years old and it's kind of amazing that we are still friends and are involved in one another's lives all these years later. It was such a joy to celebrate her and it's such a blessing to have her as one of my closest and best friends.

Something else that made the weekend extra special was my sister-in-law came in to town to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. And it wouldn't be an outing unless we posed for a few random pictures.
We had a big meat-fest at Todd's parent's house.
And later on in the evening, there were plenty of shenanigans with a play micro-phone. The best part of the day was not recorded in pictures however. Tiffany and I started dancing to my current life theme-song and started our own little party. Which then carried on outside. We jammed out to the radio and got everyone dancing, including her parents. An absolute amazing, hilarious time considering I never expected to see my husband's parents "shake it like a Polaroid pitcha!" It was kind of awesome and it was fun to see that I was able to invite them to let loose and party a little bit.
As for me and this guy, we are going to be celebrating our anniversary in Houston this coming weekend - so excited!

It was a full, fun, life-filled weekend. Hope yours was too!


  1. Wow that WAS a fun-filled weekend!! The pictures are great Jenn! What a good mommy, wife, friend you are! The whole package you are! :-)

    Love your writings...

  2. Oh, and I read this and thought of you..

    There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate. ~Robert Brault