August 1, 2011


Seriously ya'll. If my birthday fell in the month of December much less on the actual day or close thereafter, it wouldn't have taken me long to have invented a different birth-day for myself. Maybe it's my personality and kind of being all about needing attention, but I don't know how December birthday people do it? I get a little miffed when spring break plans get in the way of my potential birthday celebrations. I don't think I could handle my birthday falling near Christmas.

I have a friend named Andrea who is such a person. Last December, quite close to Christmas, she casually mentioned to me that her birthday was coming up and it was a couple of days after Christmas. And she never really does much to celebrate because it's such a crazy time of year for people to try to do something birthday related in the middle of the holiday season.

And that was quite true. I was busy last December 27th. So I sort-of jokingly mentioned to her that we should celebrate her birthday in July. Because why not?

Little did she know until this last Saturday, that I was quite serious.
I surprised her with a fun night out to celebrate her birthday.

We went to the bowling alley first.

Where we played some awesome games - and even won tickets! And I was gravely disappointed to learn that the ski-ball game was out of order because I kind of rock at some ski-ball. And by the way, why do we call it ski-ball? .

Anyway. Oh yeah, tickets!
We went bowling - which super fun and made me wonder why I don't do that more often. We also noted that "high-fiving" is totally "cool" behavior when bowling. Though I kind of suck at bowling, I have a lot of fun trying. I did manage to get TWO strikes that night. Holla!

I also noticed that I twirl a lot when I bowl. What's up with that?
Anyway. We had fun celebrating her birthday in July. She was thrilled!
Later our friend Heather met up with us to have dinner.
There were movies and silliness later at my house. It's not a half-birthday without silliness.
I did tell Andrea that night that she should just change her birthday date on Facebook, and then it could be really official. And that she would from now on celebrate her birthday in July instead of December. Because if Facebook says something about you then it must be true. Right?
We had a fun night celebrating our friend's half-birthday! And maybe we'll have to do it again next year!

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  1. hahaha! With Baby Layman due in December, we have totally discussed moving the actual "birthday" celebration to June or July!