October 18, 2011

Ode to Autumn

Autumn is warm and cozy and comfortable.

Autumn is tomato-basil soup, hot and steamy, and shared with a friend.

Autumn is scarves and tall boots and sweaters.

Autumn is pumpkin pie and nutmeg and spices.

Autumn is lighting candles and snuggling under blankets.

Autumn is costumes and make-believe and silly and pretend.

Autumn is candy and goodies and faces carved into fat pumpkins.

Autumn is memories of my mother and missing her.

Autumn is restful and quiet, still and reflective.

Autumn is windows open, breezes blowing in - airing out the old and breathing in the new.

Autumn is family adventures and hayrides and walks all together.

Autumn is thankfulness and gratitude and being mindful that what we have is just enough.

Autumn is tradition and memory-making.

Autumn is shorter evenings and longer sleeves.

Autumn is golden sunsets and turquoise skies.

Autumn is party-throwing and finding excuses to have more get-togethers.

Autumn is hand-holding and snuggling up and kissing more softly.

Autumn is s'more making.

Autumn is pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.

Autumn is face time on the couch with friends sharing tears and laughter and hope about real things.

Autumn is harvest and reaping things sown.

Autumn is celebrating and rejoicing.

Autumn is beauty, rich and vibrant in color.

Autumn is change and newness and hope of things to come.

And Autumn....is finally here.


  1. Unless you live where I live and it's still hot haha :)

  2. Nope! No autumn in sight for me right now! :P
    I have to admit that I'd never understood the appeal of pumpkin flavoured coffee...