December 22, 2011

Christmas agenda

I have very important things on my to-do list the next several days.....

Go see Mission Impossible with my honey.

Get Christmas fixin's at the grocery store.

Bake some egg-nog bread.

Visit Sarah.

Make homemade nutter-butters with my sister.


Listen to Christmas music.

Hug Tiffany - because she will be home.

Talk with her for hours.

Sleep in.

Wear snowflake pajama pants. As long as I want to.


Watch Elf. And The Muppets: A Christmas Carol.

Pray that my last pre-ordered gift for someone gets here by Christmas Eve. Please!?

Kiss Todd under the mistletoe.

Hug my Gramma.

Enjoy Christmas Eve with the in-laws at our house.

Read Tommy "The Night Before Christmas."

Look out my window just to see if it snowed, even though the forecast says our high is 68. Because you never know - it's Christmas!

Make breakfast on Christmas morning.

Read Luke 2.


Watch Tommy open gifts.

Play with him all morning long.

Enjoy a more slow-paced day.

Spend time with my family.

Laugh, sing, and eat yummy food.


Enjoy. Play. Celebrate. Relax. Smile.

I'll be so busy, there won't be much time for writing here.

To all who come here and read my little blog, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. May you be filled with the hope of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who is the source of all joy and peace.

With Love,

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