December 21, 2011

Sugar-filled Memories

It used to be me, standing up on a dining room chair at the counter ready to help my mom with the Christmas baking.
It used to be me that would stick the cookie cutter right in the middle of the dough rather than starting at the edges. It used to be me that would eat cookie dough and exclaim how amazing it tasted.
It used to be me that helped make the messes of flour and dough stuck to rolling pins.
It used to be me that glopped runny icing on to cookies and would find it later on my elbows. It used to be me that covered cookies in mounds of sprinkles and stole red hots when no one was looking.
And now it's him. It's us together. It's one of the many things I absolutely love about getting to be a mom.
It's the things that I used to do as a kid that I get to watch Tommy do and experience. These are the things in life that as they happen and unfold around me, I find myself soaking them in and wanting to remember.

And these are simply sweet, sugar-filled, beautifully messy memories that I want to treasure in my heart for always.


  1. Glad that you get to share those experiences with is fun watching you teach him to do those things...

  2. Adorable pictures! I have the same memories of baking Christmas cookies when I was a child and I can't WAIT to get to do this with my children someday also.

    Wonderful, sentimental blog, Jen! :)