December 8, 2011

Haul out the holly!

Each Christmas I try to do something different in my home when it comes to decorating.

This year, I hung some ornaments from the window.
And put my tiny tree in a corner of the living room.
Decorating for Christmas is one of my most favorite things to do all year. It's fun to unwrap little treasures that I only get to see for about 40 days of the year. Like my small snowman collection.
And my Christmas trees and all white nativity scene.
Not much is "new" this year. Though I did get a new Christmas tree as a gift. They are my most favorite of all things to collect for Christmas. Perhaps it's my most favorite symbol of the season. I could go look at decorated Christmas trees all day and never get bored.
I made a few things thanks to gadzooks of ideas on Pinterest. Some of them are hanging on my wall to have as a Christmasy wall art collage instead of the floral painting that usually hangs there.
It's the little things though that makes my house feel more homey at Christmas.
Berries and pine. Simple and festive.
And no house is complete without a place to stop under the mistletoe to steal a kiss or two.
This shelf is one of my favorite things to decorate. I won't even tell you how many times I changed it....
Tommy keeps asking why I have a shoe hanging on the wall. I suppose it's weird really. We decorate dead trees and hang socks. And mommy nails shoes to the kitchen wall and has grass and candy hanging out of it.
I wanted to keep things simple in the dining room. Reds and greens are my favorite colors to decorate with at Christmas and somehow my dining room has turned into the unofficial cardinal room. I had no idea I had a thing for cardinals until now. (Not pictured are the two small pictures of cardinals that hang in here year round). It makes cardinal count - 4.
I threw together a centerpiece for the table. Though I'm not really sure if I'll keep this arrangement as it is. Knowing me, it will probably change five more times before the season is over.
My dining room is ready for dinners and parties. Bring it on.
I found some new stockings I loved this year at Hobby Lobby.
And I got four of them. And even though the fourth doesn't belong to anyone, it's hanging there as a reminder of hope for me. That maybe someday, the fourth stocking will have an owner because we'll have another little one in the house. And that even if we don't, God has freed my heart to long and wait and rest in whatever His plan is for me.
Every year I have to get a few new ornaments. I love trinkets and cute things that tell a story. Like this one I found of an electric guitar. It says, "If it's too loud, you're too old!" It made me laugh. I bought one for my dad and gave it to him on Thanksgiving for his own tree. Music has and always will be a place that we can connect and I'm grateful for that place. I love when ornaments are reminders of special things.
It's become a tradition with Todd and I, that we buy at least one marshmallow person ornament every year. He bought me a few the Christmas we got engaged in 2005 and we've bought at least one every year since. This is a horrible picture, but it's a hunting marshmallow person, complete with a rifle and everything. Very us. Or very Todd - either way.
And the best for last.

The Christmas tree. Isn't it just glorious?
Maybe I love it so much because something about it relaxes me. I can turn off the lights and the TV and sit there with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and just be. I am invited to remember or pray or just feel the things that take space in my heart during the holiday season.

I'm officially decorated and decked out for the holidays. My big 'girls night only' Christmas party is tomorrow night and I have quite a crowd coming. There will be lots of rocking around the Christmas tree and egg nog drinking and merry-making.

Oh, I just love this time of year. And I love that my home is a reflection of how I feel about the season.


  1. Miss you! I love looking at all your pictures during this time of year :)

  2. HOBBY LOBBY for stockings!?! You're the best. I have three that don't match and not a single thing for Kate. I think I'm going shopping!! :)

  3. Lovely! I still use the ornaments and decorations from that semester in college :). You've always had a knack for such things!

  4. Everything looks great! I still need to finish decoration, all I've done so far is the tree.

  5. Beautiful! :) You and I are the same, in that we're obsessive decorators haha

  6. I love your tiny little tree! Too cute!