December 12, 2011

Plays and Parties

All I have to say is - what a weekend!

It started Thursday night at my sister's play. She was fabulous. And I was highly impressed because she cried and everything in the role she played.
On an unrelated acting note, she wins the "Hardest to find a Christmas present for" award this year. I told her this yesterday via text and she explained that it was because she's a woman now.

And then Friday night there was my Fa-la-la-la party. Including Tommy, there ended up being 23 people in my house. I was told the turn out may have had something to do with there being wine present. And also the best sangria I've ever had in my life.
We had an ornament exchange White Elephant style. Of course, the stealing is half the fun. I love how the opportunity to take something that someone else has, makes semi-vicious women out of those who are ordinarily sweet and polite and quiet.
And then there was the clean up. *sigh* The down side to any party.
I Fa-la-la-la'd until 2:00am Saturday morning. Which just means that myself and two other gals stayed up talking for hours and then realized it was 2:00am and we should probably go to bed.

Saturday was a blur. Though I made it to Target and to my niece Isabelle's birthday party and managed to wrap the few presents we've purchased so far.
And there was silliness. Of course.
Last night, I had my friend and her husband over to celebrate her 30th birthday. The only picture I took though was of the INSANELY delicious chocolate cobbler. A recipe that I found on Pinterest (duh) and it was pretty much the best chocolate dessert ever.
And the week is full of even more activity. Even though I'm tired and my eyes still hurt and my plate is full again this week - it's kind of worth it.

I love this time of year and all of the fun and merry-making to be had. It's fun to celebrate and be with people and just have fun.

Bring it on December.


  1. what a fun party...and that chocolate cobbler looks crazy good! I think I might have to add that to my list of recipes to try VERY VERY SOON!

  2. Fun fun! I'm having a party this weekend. I hope people show up!