December 19, 2011


This Christmas season has felt especially full. There have been so many activities and fun things to do. I'll admit, I've gotten a little caught up in the festivities and merry-making that I haven't taken much time for rest or reflection.

Our weekend was jam packed. As I'm looking at all of my uploaded pictures and dozens of little memories made together, I am also aware that I'm ready to breathe and let the next week unfold much more slowly.

Saturday we had a pre-Christmas celebration with Todd's brother and his family as we won't be seeing them on Christmas day this year. Tommy opened his present from them, which were two super fun books. He proceeded to toss them to the side and then asked, "Where's da chocolate?"

*sigh* My silly boy. Though it is a completely logical question.
We tried to make a trip to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa, but he was booked! Instead, Tommy rode the merry-go-round with Opa and Daddy.
But more importantly, he got to drive a boat. And I'm pretty sure he would have rather done that than see Santa anyway!
We took a family photo with Frosty instead.
Since we finally had a break from the rain, Todd and I headed downtown late Sunday afternoon to catch some of San Antonio in all of it's Christmasy glory.
This year, the trees on the Riverwalk were wrapped with LED lights rather than having them dangling from the branches. They were breathtakingly beautiful!
After the Riverwalk, we strolled through the streets, and passed a man playing Christmas music on his saxophone. For a moment, life just felt like something right out of a movie. Between the lights and the music and the cool air and my husband's hand holding on to mine, I felt overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment and it actually brought me to tears. It was one of those moments I wish I could have paused and made last a zillion times longer just to sit in how wonderful it felt.
Todd treated me to a Christmasy carriage ride - something I've always wanted to do with him.
And as if that wasn't enough, we came home last night and built our first gingerbread house together.
This week I am looking forward to a much slower pace. Hot meals cooked in the crock-pot. Cookie baking, movie watching, pajama wearing, relaxing.
Rest and reflecting on much beauty enjoyed this Christmas season.


  1. I love the Riverwalk. I can't imagine how beautiful it must be this time of year!! Those pictures are awesome.

    Thank you for the reminder - I am committing to slowing down this week, too.

  2. I would love to see the Riverwalk at Christmas. What a sweet man you have to build a gingerbread house with you! Love that you are loving the season!

  3. I so miss the Riverwalk at Christmas! :\

    Really enjoy seeing your holiday pics Jen! And I can't believe how fast Tommy is growing up. Hope you guys have a wonderful, beautiful Christmas this year. :)

    And PS - your card is on our fridge!!

  4. My step mom used to always buy my kids books until they started to call her the book grandma lol.

    Bass pro shop kind of creeps me out with all the animals. They just built one by us a couple years ago.

    Those lights and evening sound fantasic!