April 2, 2012

Years in the making

The four of us gals went out to celebrate Robin's birthday on Friday night by going to her favorite restaurant.  It was an epic girl's night and I hope the first of many that we share.  There were margaritas (Dr Pepper for Laura of course), laughter, a few tears, and girly stories.

This picture feels like it was years in the making.  My step-sister Chelsea, my step-mom Robin, me and my teenage sister  Laura.  (Don't you love her expression?)

Even with Laura's "why-the-heck-did-I-come-out-with-these-crazy-people?" face, having this picture means the world to me.  I am smack dab in the middle of my family, with my sisters and the mom in my life. I am there because I was wanted to be there.  And I am there because I wanted to be too.

It's taken years for me to be able to show up here.  It's taken years for me to heal.  It's taken years for me, for all of us really, to grow and experience and extend grace.  Even though it may have taken years, what makes me smile is knowing that this picture could still be captured.  It wasn't too late.

I love when redeeming moments and places can be forever kept in a photo.  It feels like I can have something tangible to hold in my hands and look at to remind me of where God is good when I tend to forget that.  I can hold proof and acknowledge where we are always changing.

For a long time I thought the relationships I had hoped to share with Robin and my sisters was hopeless.  That me, that us, would never recover or heal or be able to begin again or start fresh.  But, the weekend reminded me that there is always, always hope for more in relationship with others, even when we thought it was lost forever.


  1. My goodness, I have so much to learn from you.

  2. ahhhh this IS SO COOL!!! God is soooo awesome!!!