June 10, 2012

Six Years

Our love story started with a shirt.  One that was over a decade old.  I raised my eyebrows at it and the man who wore it filled me with curiosity and intrigue.  I didn't know how significant he and his shirt would be to me that September night, but I did know that he was in dire need of some updated clothing.

Something drew me to Todd though.  His smile.  His ruggedness and how he was just good looking without even trying to be.  The slight limp in his step - it made me curious about him and what he had been through.  How he sat in the back of the room, quiet and waiting.  He had a gentle way of speaking and his presence exuded kindness because at his very core was a very kind, compassionate man.  And I loved how he looked at me.  His eyes, they sparkled when he spoke, and it made me feel beautiful. 

When we started dating, my favorite feeling was how he drew me into his arms.  How good it was to feel small.  How I felt safe when my head was tucked perfectly under his chin as if that space was made just for me.  And our kisses....they lasted for hours.

It was a whirlwind romance.  We spent every waking moment together.  For us both, it felt so good to not just be in love, but to feel loved by someone else.  For me, I needed his kindness, his gentle strength, and how secure and safe his love felt.  And perhaps for Todd, he needed the smitten look in my eyes, my adoring affection and the feeling of having someone who really and truly wanted him.

In a matter of weeks we knew that we were both "the one" for the other.  We looked at rings only a few weeks into dating (his idea, not mine).  And less than three months into our relationship, we were engaged.  It was as if we couldn't help falling in love.

Looking back, I think it's safe to say that we rushed in.  To marriage, to deciding that we could be together forever and always.  To vow for better and worse to someone we had known for such a short amount of time.  Though I'm not sure if more time would have kept us from making the same decision, because we were in love.  And sometimes, when you're in that head-over-heels, crazy-about-eachother kind of love, you rush into things.  You make rash decisions because your heart feels things it's never felt before, and you're convinced you will feel those things for always.  

A few months ago, I wrote about where our marriage has been in the last year - how it was on the brink of being over.  And since that time, we've had our share of ups and down. But it's been different.  There has been more understanding and passion and it's felt easier to enjoy each other again.  Things are starting to grow and heal. We have entered yet another new season together and it is recognizably full of grace.

I am reminded on this sixth anniversary with my husband, of the shirt that started it all.  Though I had taken him shopping and gave his dated wardrobe a makeover early on in our relationship, I saved this.  It reminded me of our beginning and how everything about Todd and our relationship was unexpected.  I couldn't bear to part with it and I don't think I ever will.

Happy Anniversary babe.  Some things were just meant to be.  Like you and me.


  1. A lovely story! My husband and I got engaged after only 4 months of dating and I think it worked out well, but I wouldn't advise anyone else to do it that quickly! I hope things get better and better for you!

  2. Happy anniversary! Isn't it funny that we were in two separate places, getting married on the same day? :)

    And also funny that one of the first things that I noticed about Adam was his outdated style of clothing (carpenter jeans in 2004?, wing tip shoes?)... :) And I've kept the sweater he wore the night we met, despite the bleach stain on the arm, because his eyes looked SO blue and captured my attention long enough to take note of his name. (13 letters?!?)

  3. That was such a sweet and well written story. Loved reading that!

  4. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    thanks for the 6 years that we've had so far. i don't think i would have changed how fast things went and progressed. God knew what we needed and we are perfect for each other even though we don't always say or do the right things. marriage isn't supposed to be easy and to be honest, i don't think i would want it to be. I'm glad that things are better and i look forward to many more years with you. I love you babe, and i will always "take your hand"....
    here is to us !!