June 7, 2012

When writing is hard

Writing has been hard this week. 

Some days and some circumstances seem to suck the creative parts out of me that really enjoy writing, cataloging pieces of my life, and putting words to things that take up space in my heart. 

It's been one of those creative-sucking weeks this week.

Also, my blog-traffic is down.  I thought I didn't care, but apparently, I very much do.  I suppose for someone who has these budding dreams of being a real writery-writer at some point, having decreasing blog-traffic makes me feel like some kind of failure or as if I've been rejected.  I've never handled either of those words well and I've been curious about how being rejected or feeling like a failure has shown up in my story.   And how it will continue to if I am brave enough to pursue this dream.

That being said, I've been somewhat distracted this week too.

Todd and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend and I'm not sure if I've ever looked more forward to an anniversary before.  It six years and it's not really a special number or a big anniversary by any means.  But, we are REALLY celebrating this year.  Not only do we have some pretty epic plans, but there is so much for us to really celebrate.  All that we've been through and come through together - it's worthy of some major partying. 

So because my writer is stuck somewhere and I'm slightly distracted by all the fun I'll be having with my husband starting tomorrow, I'm taking a short little break. 

Though there is a sweet little story scheduled to post on Sunday, and you might not want to miss it.

Happy Thursday.


  1. Oh, girl don't you even worry about your blog traffic.


    It'll crush your spirit.

    have so much fun celebrating.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Ours was on Wednesday. We did dinner and a movie (going to blog about it later today). Nothing too exciting. Next year (if we make it ;)) will be 20 years, I think I need to plan something more fun for that!

  4. Happy Anniversary! We also will hit 6 years this year in August. I think any number is significant with anniversaries.