July 23, 2012

Monster Truckin'

Our little guy turned THREE on Saturday!  For a special birthday outing, Todd and I took him to see Madagascar 3 on Friday night since he's such a "big boy" now.  However, he was more interested in playing in the theater chairs and pushing all of the arm rests up and down than he was in the movie itself.  Needless to say, it will be awhile before we try that again!

Saturday was his big party day - we had been counting down the days together.  I decided to take it easy in the party department this year and kept it simple.

Since Tommy's most favorite thing right now are trucks - monster trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, police trucks, hunting trucks, trailer-pulling trucks (I think you get the idea) - I used that as my inspiration for some simple decor.

Like filling dump trucks with chips. Though take note where you place a truck full of chips.  Because it may roll off the table and dump chips everywhere.
Streamers and balloons - when you do them right, they don't look so "cheap."  It took more time than I care to share, but I dressed up the windows in a fun pattern.
I found a cute monster-truck cake at the grocery store. I suppose I could have made it myself, but why, when the store will do it for you?
And I had another banner printed up at work too. He especially loved that the "O" in his name was a tire.
We just had our families over this year for his birthday and the day was very sweet.  I think he felt celebrated and enjoyed - even if he did cry when we sang him Happy Birthday.  (My family sings like a very loud choir and sings Happy Birthday in seven-part harmony - and I'm not kidding).  Apparently, it's just too much.
He got some fun new toys and several new trucks for his birthday - we could almost open a truck dealership at this point. 
I was a bad picture-taker that day and didn't manage to capture a picture of three of us - I promise Todd was totally there. 
It seems a bit surreal.  Why is that time flies so much faster when you have children and life is marked by milestones and birthdays and watching them grow and change and realizing that they already need new shoes again? 

Another birthday.  Another year older.  Another fun party behind us.


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, Tommy! I saw your window expertise the other day on Instagram and I loved it then. You're so creative! What a sweet post xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday Tommy! What a cute party theme! And the fact that your family sings in 7 part harmony is cracking me up...sounds like another family I might be a part of! ha!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!!! I loveeeee that boy. :)

  4. I remember those days of the movie theater and just wishing it hadn't cost so much so I could just leave lol.

    The party looks great, love the streamers and the sign! Had to laugh about your family's singing.

  5. Happy Birthday Tommy! I love the theme! I will have to keep that in mind for future birthday parties!!

  6. He looks like he had a happy birthday!

    Happy Belated Birthday Tommy :)

  7. Oh my goodness! What a big boy! Good job with the party mama.