July 19, 2012

Thursday List

When the day starts with surprise gifts and Starbucks from your boss, you know it's going to be a very good Thursday.

And I needed a pick-me up after yesterday's gloomy doldrums.  I felt better after I ate some mexican food and talked to a friend about all that I was feeling anxious over at dinner last night.  After I vocalize everything that I'm spinning over, I'm usually able to calm down. 

Though I must admit - chips and salsa totally help too.

Yesterday was our last day of rain and summer storms for a while - supposedly.  It's been so weird to have a rainy, cloudy July and honestly, I'm ready for our south Texas summer sun and blazing heat that I'm used to.  Is it weird that I miss it? 

Get back with me in a week though when we're in the 100-and-somethings again.

I told Todd last night that I only have a little over a month until it's time to decorate my house for fall.  I decorate mid-September because I'm a little crazy and hope that decorating for the season will usher it in much more quickly.  It has yet to work, but either way - decorating season is almost here and I'm a bit giddy about it.

I'm SO ready for the weekend. 

Date night-in tomorrow, Tommy's birthday party on Saturday, having some friends over for dinner and shenanigans, church, a Sunday nap, and a birthday party to attend - to name a few things.

Fun summer times.

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