August 1, 2012

Hello August

It's my least favorite month of all.

It's the hottest.
It's the longest.
It's the least eventful.

Its the start up of school which just means heavy morning traffic again after a summer of easy commutes.

I've simply never been a fan of August and all of the blazing summer that comes with it.

Though this August is a bit different. 
There's some excitement buzzing in the air.

Two wedding showers.
A baby shower.
A secret that needs telling.
A handful of birthdays.

Including my "baby" sister who turns a whopping EIGHTEEN.

And then there's a wedding to end it all the day after August comes to a close.

Maybe this will be an August like no other.

Happy first to you.


  1. I hope this August proves you wrong :)

    But yea, it is the hottest which I don't like either, boo!

  2. I'm a fan of August (it's my birthday month) but I have to agree, I'm so over the heat already! Hope it's a great month for you!

  3. July blows.

    I'll take August.

    Let's make August great, yes? yes.

  4. :)
    thankful for all the GOOD youve been given, to help you through the month.