January 2, 2013


How I love the feeling of a new year.  It feels so fresh and I love how it carries a new hope and promise.  Though we can never be certain what we have in store for us and what the future holds, I feel hopeful about what is to come in 2013.  

We rang in the New Year with a big group of friends from church.  There were fajitas and homemade salsa, smores and pretend wine, sparklers and kissing my hot man at midnight.  All in all, it was a fun night of laughter and closeness.

Do we look tired or what?!
And I don't make resolutions, but I do want to name what I'm hoping for this year....

I'm hoping that I am kind - to myself and to others.  

I'm hoping to hold my sweet baby boy in my arms shortly after he is born because we are both healthy and thriving.  

I'm hoping that this year will bring about the much desired and needed job change for Todd that he has been waiting for and pursuing.

I'm hoping to find some creative avenues to bring in income so I can stay home more with my boys.

I'm hoping to be more honest and vulnerable when it comes to my relationships.

I'm hoping for more fun, purposeful family time together with fun outings where we can create sweet memories for all of us to cherish.

I'm hoping we can stay disciplined with our finances and pay off more debt.

I'm hoping for more community.
I'm hoping to experience more in my marriage and relationship with Todd - that we could continue to grow in love and depth with one another.

I'm hoping to be a woman of more faith rather than of fear and worry.

I'm hoping to stay on a healthy track.  To remain binge-free, to exercise and move and to be more thoughtful and mindful about what foods I put into my body.

I'm hoping that I stay intimately connected to my Savior this year.  That I'm honest and real, that I turn to Him and lean in to Him every day and for all that I'm needing.  That I would continue to grow and soften and be more like Him because I'm spending more of my time near to His heart.

 I'm hoping to experience change.

2012 wasn't a perfect year.  It was full of twists and turns, disappointments, surprises, joys, heartaches and triumphs.  It was indeed a year lived and fought and struggled through well though it also left me aching and longing for more. 

And with that ache and those unmet longings, I start off another new year.  Armed with hope and more joy than I've known, excited about whatever adventure lies ahead.

Happy New Year all!

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