January 16, 2013

Rollercoaster Ride

It's been a series of ups, downs, twists and turns for the last few days in our lives.  My puffy, tired, cried out eyes are proof of this crazy emotional roller coaster we've been on.  I'm ready to get off.  To have some answers, some clarity and direction.  Or I could just say that I want to know what the future holds because the here and the now and the not knowing what's happening is driving me nuts.

I'm ten thousand kinds of exhausted though.  Feeling weary and trying to remember that I put my hope and my trust in God and not any one thing or person or event. 

I've had a few notes from friends and blog-readers wondering what's happening and if everything is okay.  Me and baby are fine.  Me and Todd are fine.  Tommy is well.  It's just life and circumstances and a billion things that are full of uncertainty and all of it has me worn out.

In my discouragement and weariness this morning, I cast aside the fact that I would once again be late for work and made myself a hot breakfast.  I opened up my devotional and let myself cry a little bit more.  I prayed and cried out to the One who goes before me.  The One who stands behind.

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  1. Like my mom always tells me, "All will be well".