January 25, 2013

Style and Change and Blood Pressure

Several years ago, you would have never caught me wearing yellow gold jewelry.  I basically hated it and swore I would never wear yellow gold anything because it just wasn't my thing.  Interestingly enough though, I've slowly been integrating yellow gold jewelry into my accessory hoard and actually like to wear it now.  I guess taste and style can change just like we do.

The same has been true of how I decorate and arrange my home.  I've simplified quite a bit.  I've grown out of certain things and enjoy a more classic approach with a few touches of things that some might deem as "country" or "rustic."

Getting to make up a nursery for Jacob has been fun, and honestly, I'm a bit more excited about it than I was with Tommy's baby room.  It's evident where my style and tastes have changed in regards to decorating, and where it's still the same too.  I've crafted things, but have also taken a more modern approach to it.  I realized this last night when my Grandparent's semi-gawked at my brightly orange painted dresser and asked if I would be refinishing it.  To their surprise, I let them know that was the refinished and final product.

It's no matter if others don't care for my baby boy's orange dresser - I like how it looks.  It's the pop of color I wanted in the soft baby room I've been creating and dreaming about all these months.  But it's funny to see how my tastes have changed and how an orange dresser is quite reflective of that.

I've slowly been getting the crafty projects complete and things are almost finished and in place.  Now I just need to get the essentials in order - like extra crib sheets and changing pad covers and bottles.  Practicality isn't my forte' - can you tell?  Finish the frivolous nursery before getting the essentials - it's how I roll. 

I added one thing to the nursery yesterday - some special words for our son.  I wanted to have something in his room that represented our hopes for him as a boy and as he grew into a man.  Words that spoke vision and hope and truth.  I created it through this fun website - super easy project.

This entire pregnancy, I've had gold-star worthy doctor visits.  My weight gain has basically been nothing - and Todd and my best friend are the only people who know the real number because I'm afraid any other woman would hate me if they found out how much I haven't gained.  But basically, when you're already overweight, little to no weight gain is a good thing and that's where I've camped out.  However, this morning, my blood pressure was elevated - which could have been because of high emotions and some of the stress I'm under.  And it's hard not to worry and get ramped up about what my body is doing, but it's apparent that the need for rest and relaxation and to calm down is crucial.  I must.

I wish that our internal selves - the parts of us that are inclined to stress and worry and get worked up - could change and evolve like our style or tastes do - with ease.  Behavior and they way that we are wired are the things that are much harder to change because they come from much deeper places in ourselves.

So if you think about me this weekend, would you pray for me?  Pray that I could find some rest and calm in the midst of all that is changing for us to keep my blood pressure levels down and where they need to be.  And that I could continue to take care of my body and the sweet boy I'm carrying.

I'm off to enjoy the weekend with my little family before my husband leaves, which includes a wedding reception tomorrow night and lunch with our church friends on Sunday.

I might even wear my gold jewelry.


  1. Rock that gold jewelry girl!

  2. I'm the same about hold jewelry now. A few years ago I only wore silver. Now I own just as many gold pieces as I do silver.

    Thinking and praying for you friend.