February 25, 2013


I awoke this morning feeling excitement coursing through my veins.  It was in the air, knocking me over.  Literally.  We have wind gusts today over 40mph and like the wind full of gusto, I am feeling myself begin to ramp up at the realization that it's almost here.  The time for having this baby and holding a precious piece of Todd and I in my arms all over again.

Soon there will be a small bundle of baby boy filling the blankets and footed sleepers I have all ready for him.  My nursery is empty and waiting.  His bag is packed.  My arms are eager to hold him.

The exact day is a little fuzzy.  We have a c-section scheduled for Tuesday of next week, but things could still happen before then because of what has been diagnosed as "gestational hypertension."  Jacob seems to be doing just fine regardless of how my body is reacting.  But soon - he will be here very soon.

My beloved is due home a week from today.  I can hardly wait to wrap my arms around him and have him here for awhile.  I cannot even begin to think about saying goodbye again after Jacob is born.  Nor can I think about the giant weighty things like getting our house in order to sell and finding a realtor and starting the grueling process of packing boxes and preparing for the biggest move of our lives.  No.  For now, I'm only excited that my man will be here in real life next week and all there will be to do is enjoy each other and our family of four and our new son and God's good gifts.  Right here in beautiful Texas.

I'm also excited about the fact that I won't have to be wearing maternity clothes for much longer either.  I'm aching to wear my cute clothes again rather than the same outfits I've been changing out for the last several months.  And shopping.  Oh how I look forward to shopping!

Once my body is healed I'm looking forward to taking a walk and moving my body in the ways I haven't been able to in months.  I miss taking long, deep strides, burning up a sweat, and pumping my legs while climbing up my favorite hilly spot full of hiking trails.  Oh how glorious that first real walk will be!

I have friends coming to visit this week to keep me company, to pass the time as I wait.  Another wreath or two might be created as that seems to be a "restful" thing for me to do that passes the time.  While I'm hoping the week flies by, I'm trying to soak in the last few precious days of life as it is too. 

The excitement....it's mounting.


  1. So exciting. One step at a time! I admire your courage to take a new journey into the unknown. You'll be fine..and all the better for it.

  2. Jacob is going to be here so soon! & you are such a strong woman for taking all of this unknown in stride...I know sometimes it has to be incredibly difficult, but for the most part you seem to be accepting of this unknown path God has laid out for you!