February 8, 2013

Friday gratitude

God's provision and how it's always enough.

A short day at work this week that enabled me to stay home and rest my ailing back most of the day.

Skype - being able to see my husband, Tommy's daddy, over a computer screen.  It's not the same and yet it's getting us through a hard time.

Friends.  The kind that come over and help me with my laundry and scrubbing of bathrooms or come over just to keep me company because they know the evenings are the loneliest.

My silly boy who renamed himself "Steve" the other day and kept calling me "Steve's mom."  

His Ironman moves.
Good baby check-ups and a doctor who is proud of me and how I've taken care of myself in this pregnancy. 

Thirty-five weeks - getting closer to the finish line.

Love and support and good words from my Robin.

Music that ministers to my soul.

A husband who loves me and takes care of me, even from far away places like North Dakota.


The opportunity to pray for Tommy when he wakes up from bad dreams.

A baby shower for Jacob this weekend.

Strength and how it seems to come out of nowhere, especially when I fear that I have none left in me.

 The week has come with it's difficulties and challenges.  Every day contains a measure of tears and exhaustion.  But I'm getting through all of this as it comes, feeling grateful for those that are surrounding me, loving on me and taking care of me in Todd's absence.  Today the sun is shining and it feels like spring.  In all that my heart is carrying and even where things feel hard or heavy, I am truly thankful for all that I have in the midst of all that is changing.

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