February 11, 2013


The theme was "story."  As soon as I saw dozens of children's books sitting on tables and shelves, it made me smile.  Being showered again, but this time for our second little boy.  Reminded of my story and how it continues to unfold and be written out and how having another baby is another glorious chapter in that story.
Stories - how I love them.  How I love to read them and listen to them and tell them and write them.  I am always thinking about story, especially the stories that I have a hand in writing for my boys.  Creating memories and giving words and filling pages with the story of their home and life and childhood.  It's such a big thing, more than a responsibility.   All of it, every good and wretched part is glorious and how I long for both of my sons to have stories full of life lived fully and parents who modeled that for them. 

My baby shower was thrown by my sweet cousin-friend and a dear girlfriend who both know my heart well.  And "story" was the most perfect theme choice. The sweetest gift was a book for Jacob that was signed by friends near and far to remind my little boy how much he is loved and was loved long before he even arrived.  As I sat and read the inscriptions last night, I wept at the goodness of it all.
Being an avid party-thrower, I especially loved the decorations.  Mal cut out pages of old books into circles and covered paper lanterns with them.  So creative and such a fun idea for the shower too!
I registered for the essentials - things that I got rid of or ran out of or needed again.  I was so blessed to receive dozens upon dozens of diapers, burpcloths, washcloths, bibs and bottles.  We only need to make one small shopping trip to pick up a few items and I'm officially as prepared as I could possibly be to welcome little Jacob into our lives and our home.
Tommy opened everything for me and was quite helpful.  It was fun thinking about my last baby shower - how it was for him and how I was so excited to be a mom for the first time.  And here is my big boy, opening new gifts for his little brother.  All of it felt surreal somehow.  It's almost here - this baby, this new chapter of life.  I'll be a mom of two boys - oh how life is about to change!
I slacked in the picture-taking department, but thankfully a friend captured a few for me.  I love where I can see pictures of myself and not hate what I see.  Even with my big pregnant belly and all.  I know where I've worked hard and not gained weight and taken care of myself.  It's easier to be kinder to me and that wasn't the case a few years ago when I was carrying Tommy. 
Mostly, I was blessed by all of those who came and showered me with not just gifts and baby essentials, but with their faces and their presence for me.  I was touched by every woman who came to celebrate Jacob.  Family and friends, both old and new, came and showered loved on me yesterday.  How I am blessed.
And now I wait.  I grow and anticipate and dream and rest as these last few weeks of pregnancy are here.  Before I know it, our sweet baby boy will be in my arms.....and I can hardly wait to be there to watch his story begin.


  1. such a great idea for a shower! and especially you since you really are a story teller ... at least i think you share your stories in a story kind of way.

    love the pictures! baby boy will be here so soon!

  2. I LOVE the storybook idea for a shower! Such a great idea, and you got so many great books for your little one's library!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day. I love the theme, I'm a big story fan too, I'm always buying the children I know books.