May 14, 2013

May 14: Happy Things

Today's prompt:  Ten things that make me really happy

#1 - Todd
He's the love of my life and my very best friend.  We have our ups and downs like anyone else but being his wife, doing life with this man, and getting to kiss this handsome face every day - makes me very, very happy.

#2 - Tommy and Jacob
Who knew life with boys was so much fun?  I didn't know until I had one.
And now I have two precious little guys. 
Their smiles, silliness, laughter and cuddles make me oh so happy.
#3 -  Time to myself
I'm all about some quiet and solitude.  Whether I'm reading, journaling, drinking coffee, writing, cleaning, watching a chick-flick - I am all about some time to myself.  Being able to have it keeps me sane AND happy!

#4 - Fall, fall, fall!
Fall means it's time for pumpkin everything, scarf-wearing and autumn decorating.
Though we don't have much of an autumn season here, what we do enjoy makes me happy indeed!
#5 -  Earrings, necklaces, accessories galore!
I'm something of an accessory junkie. 
See what I mean?
I have just a few necklaces.  I refuse to name exactly how many I own.  Mostly though because I've never counted.
Something about pretty things makes me happy.  Based on my earring and necklace hoard, I should be very, very happy.  Yes?
#6 -  Throwing parties
Ya'll know I love a good party.  And throwing them is something of a specialty of mine.  Just a taste of parties past....
A lingerie shower.....
Tommy's 2nd birthday - beach bash style.
And yes, I threw a potty-training party.
A mustache-bash baby shower.
Patriotic themed going away party.
Another birthday party.
And our annual pumpkin carving party.
Parties are my thing.  Throwing them, coming up with different ideas, and having a crowd of people over is happy, happy, happy.

#7 -  Chocolate
Doesn't chocolate make everyone happy just by it's very nature?
#8 -  Making wreaths

It's my favorite new hobby.  I love, love, love making them.  Something about yarn and felt and hot glue gives me this warm, happy feeling.

#9 -  Music
Music is in my soul.  It runs through my veins.  I live it and breathe it and feel it.  Music is my passion and my heart.  All of this is the epitome of happiness.

#10 - Writing

Whether making up stories or writing poetry or venting into the pages of my journal, I have always loved writing.  Something about putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, does more than make me happy.  It nourishes me, heals me, brings me to life.  Writing, sharing my heart, my thoughts, my dreams and hopes, my story - it's my very favorite thing to do.  The happiest of happy places. 
What makes you happy?


1 comment:

  1. What a fun prompt! I'll play!
    1. Raj
    2. Girlfriends - girl time is somewhat difficult to come by these days, but I know it's so important for me.
    3. My nieces and nephews
    4. Sunshine
    5. Shoes!
    6. Coffee
    7. Going somewhere new - new country, new restaurant, whatever. (On that note, we found a decent Mexican restaurant here. Hooray!)
    8. New Girl and The Mindy Project
    9. Yoga - I did some yesterday while in the midst of serious PMS crankiness and the mix of slow breathing, stretching, and some hard work on strength stuff was just the thing. I finished so much more calm than I started.
    10. Christmas - especially after having pretty well skipped it last year with the wedding so close after, I'm looking forward to decorating and celebrating this year.