October 14, 2013

"We'll never be too old for this"

There are a few tests of true friendship.

#1 - You can always, always pick up right where you left off.  Whether it's been a week, five months, or nine years, it's as if time never passed or changed you.  You still fit together even if you have grown up.

#2 - You can be yourself.  Even if that means having them in your presence wearing pajamas.  Or seeing your ugly cries.  Or farting.  Yes - I just said that. 

#3 - You can say the real things.  The honest, true, hard things that you don't really want to acknowledge.  But if your friend says them, you stay and listen because you know the other person loves you, they get you. And if they didn't really love you - they'd stay silent. And even though it's hard to have that mirror put up in front of you sometimes, they deliver those truths and messages to you with love, not with judgement. 

#4 - They do things.  They show up at your house when you're nine months pregnant and put your clothes in the wash.  They text you just to ask you how that thing went because they remembered.  They drop what they're doing to come over and cry with you because it was the suckiest day ever.  They help you shop around for random pieces to put together a Halloween costume for your baby.

#5 - You have the BEST time ever when you're with them.

Those things would definitely apply to my sister-in-law/BFF/"soul-seester."  Our time together is few and far-between these days, but when she's in town and we have a few moments together, it's like it always was.

In Target yesterday afternoon, we busted out our cameras to take silly pictures of our findings.  A long-time tradition between she and I ever since we've been friends.

Now, in our thirties, we still do the same things.  After trying on giant styrafoam-wigs I asked her if we were getting too old to do this.  Be silly in public.  Take pictures and create shenanigans in unsuspecting places like Target and Hobby Lobby.

She replied, "We will never be too old for this.  When we're 80, we will so still be doing this." 
And you know what?
I really think that we will.


  1. so very true! love this!

    just made me miss some of my girlfriends.

  2. cute post! I absolutely LOVE friendships like this!

  3. ah, friendship. The never ending changing relationship. Man. Oh man.