October 13, 2013

Whirlwind Week

The week behind me came and went in a whirlwind.  Which is interesting, because I'm working less hours again and one would think that would make life slow down a bit.  But, no.

Monday, we celebrated Todd's birthday.  The day before he was surprised by friends with cake and ice-cream before we had our small group.  He got a special watch from me and his folks.  We ate Italian food.  (Kid-free too - bonus!)  And we learned that bowling alleys are open only to leagues during the week until after 9pm which was a huge birthday date-night bummer.
Tuesday I got into my car to head home and the battery was dead.  That was awesome.

I came home to my seven month old baby who has learned to crawl on his hands and knees and everything.  And to boot, he's pulling up on things at the same time.  We.  Are.  In.  Trouble.

That same night doing a week-night load of laundry, I discovered that our washing machine was dying when I found a flood of water on the laundry room floor and a front loader that was literally trying to eat Jacob's clothes.  That meant a fun late night mopping extravaganza and Todd running soaked clothes to his parents house to wash. 

Wednesday my car was revived.  Hallelujah.  And the washing machine parts were almost as much as a new washer, so we opted to get a new one.  I've noted that we've entered the phase of life and marriage where things are starting to wear out and break and are in need of replacement.  And why can't appliances be more durable?

Thursday, my dearest friend Sarah gave birth to her precious baby girl, Anna Kate.  8 pounds 10 ounces of beautiful and gorgeous, dark hair.  I am forever thrilled that I have someone to buy girl clothes for.
I spent the day with my Gramma on Friday.  Saturday I attempted to clean.  And today, the rain washed out our pumpkin patch family picture plans and resulted in a few shots on our front porch - not exactly what I was hoping for.

I'd like to hope for a slower-paced week, but those never seem to come.  I'm starting to think maybe it's me that simply needs to adjust to this pace of life instead of trying to figure out how to slow it down.  I can't keep my seven month old from crawling or my other boy from growing out of newly bought clothes.  Or weeks from flying by in a flurry of work and meal-making and story-reading.

I can't slow down time.  I can only make the most of it.

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