April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

Easter 2014 will go down in history as by far one of the most memorable Easter's of my life.  I think it was because God had been stirring around in my heart in some new and surprising ways during the season of Lent.  It made the weekend all the more richer because my heart was ready and waiting and anticipating the grand finale of the most beautiful story ever told.  The gospel of Jesus.  Naturally,  I felt like celebrating.

And so I did.  Colorfully, vibrantly, emotionally, passionately, and deliciously.  I celebrated my risen Savior with friends and my husband and my tender-hearted four year old.  I celebrated with casacarones and egg-dying and a loaded basket of goodies.  I celebrated with communion and singing and tears over a play where I watched my Jesus being put to death on that cross for me.  I celebrated and I won't ever forget an Easter like that.

Only the highlights of such a weekend.....

Dyeing eggs with friends.

Little hands at work, creating both messes and beauty.

The aftermath of a fun time with friends.

 My bestest friend in the entire world.  She knows my heart like no one else and I love her so.
 The drama our church put on portraying the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  And the precious moment I shared with my son as he cried watching Jesus hurt and bleed for us.
 My inability to capture both of my boys in any satisfactory picture.  It's beautifully impossible because I have boys. 

Also, a baby in a tie.  I can't stand it.
 A very loaded basket.
Remembering Jesus.  Breaking bread and taking the cup with my family before Easter dinner.
My Easter table setting.  Real napkins and scriptures and nail-made crosses to remind us of His sacrifice.
Our annual family Easter picture minus Jacob.

As my family drove away and I headed back inside to wash dishes and put away all the goods from all of the festivities, my eyes fell to the ground as I beheld the confetti and cracked eggshells.  Remnants of laughter and celebrating there on the front steps to my home.  And I didn't even mind as we tracked it into the house and it was all over my living room floor, still falling from my hair and inside of my clothes.  I wanted to keep all of the celebrating and rejoicing with me and remember it.

May it always be a reminder of what God continues to bring alive in my heart and how I so desire to leave some color and sparkle and pieces of joy wherever I go because of Him. 

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  1. A baby in a tie! AND a vest! And the rolled sleeves? Might just be the most dapper baby I've ever seen.