May 1, 2014

Summer in May

Remember that time I posted about Bluebonnets and I said spring only lasted for a few weeks here?  Yeah, I wasn't kidding.  See?!  
I don't really mind though.  I might get a little tired of the heat come October when the rest of the world gets all show offy with their golden leaves and crisp fall weather.  But I love the sunshine and the color of the sky and all the summer everything - even if it has been 100 degrees already.
It's time again for popsicles and sunglasses and mini-pools and playing in sprinklers and long days full of sunshine.
What's up summer?  I've missed you.

1 comment:

  1. OMG, 98 degrees?! I can't imagine that weather right now ... Sean is enjoying it right now and I told him not to bring it back with him, lol. I hate when it is so hot.

    But right now I'll like a little warmth. It's 63 degrees today and chilly!