July 5, 2014

Independence Day

Have you ever tried explaining freedom to a five-year old?  Yeah, you should give that a whirl sometime.  It was hard explaining to Tommy what our big 4th of July holiday was all about and why I was making everyone dress in red, white and blue and why Daddy didn't have to work and why they shot fireworks off in the sky.

Someday he will grasp and understand the meaning behind why we celebrate every July 4th.  Someday he will know what freedom is and know how our country began and why this day is such a big deal.  For now though he enjoyed his burgers and playing with his friends.
I discovered yesterday that my littlest firecracker is a water baby just like me.  He loved being in the pool and playing and it was clear he was ready to take off on his own and do his own thing in the water. 

We had a late afternoon rain storm yesterday and thought our fireworks-watching plans were going to be washed out.  Thankfully, it passed over the place we were heading to and we got to see another amazing display out at Lake McQueeney with our friends - the same place we went last year. Even Jacob was into them and watched the whole show with us.
This year I am grateful for my little family, friends to celebrate with, my freedom, and my little nest I call home in this country. 


  1. such cute photos! I think most holidays are hard to explain to the kiddos...I just hope they understand when the time comes!

  2. You look so beautiful in these pics!!