May 4, 2015

Ironman and Me

It's true that I have always preferred a good action movie over a chick-flick any day.  And superhero movies always promise to be action-packed. They are my favorite - all of them.  Marvel anything, Star Wars, James Bond, Mission Impossible....the list goes on and on.  Of course, this works out fabulously for Todd, because he gets to be married to someone who wants to see all of the same movies he does.  Lucky guy.

I guess it should come as no surprise, that we were at the movies on opening night of the latest Avengers movie.  And to my delight and utter glee, some of my favorite superheroes were there taking pictures with us movie goers.  Hulk, Captain America, Quicksilver, Hawkeye and my favorite of favorites - IRONMAN.

I'm not quite sure what it is exactly about his character that I love so much.  It may or may not have something to do with Robert Downy Jr. who plays Tony Stark, but I can't really confirm or deny that.  Ironman is kind of a jerk sometimes, but he's smart and funny and he doesn't take any shit.  And his suit does cool stuff and he's a superhero because he wants to be, not because he has any special powers.  He invents all of the special stuff.  And I guess I like all of those character traits in a superhero.

Needless to say, when a photo opportunity presented itself to take a picture with my favorite superhero in the entire world, I got over my "I'm a grown 34-year-old woman" thing and totally went up to all of the guys, and asked for a selfie with Ironman.

I mean seriously, this picture kind of made my life.  Because I'm super grown and mature and everything, it's even my Facebook profile picture.

Somewhere along the way in my adult life, I have become a serious superhero fanatic. Like geeking out, wants to go to comic-con, fan-girl kind of fanatic.  And having boys has only encouraged this.  I blame it on Marvel and their genius way of making movies. And starring dashing men as both heroes and villains doesn't hurt either.  (Damn you Tom Hiddleston).

Clearly, I am embracing it fully. And scoring major cool points with my five year old superhero loving boy in the process.

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