March 7, 2011


- I am officially in the last week ever of my 20's. And in the last week of my 20's I'll be doing laundry, ironing, putting together wooden puzzles with my little boy, cooking dinner, doing dishes and perhaps taking a nap at some point. I know how to live it up I tell you what.

- Over the weekend I went shopping for my birthday party outfit - I decided I needed to have one. And when I say outfit, I really just mean a new top. Sadly, I cannot seem to find green flats anywhere to go with the cute floral top I got. I'm not sure if they're super uncool or green is just a two-year ago color (as this year is apparently pink and coral if you wanted to know). But don't they know that green compliments pink and coral? Hello?! Anyway, it's been a disappointing search thus far for the shoes that apparently don't exist. I have found however, a darling pair of gray flats that I couldn't live without. But still. Green flats....anyone know where I could find a pair before Saturday?

- Yesterday after lunch we were driving home with the windows down. Tommy was in the backseat laughing and giggling so hard because he loved how the wind felt on his face. Todd and I were laughing right along with him. Those are the moments in life I wish I could pause and enjoy them a little longer. I love how his innocence invites us to play and remember the joys of simpler things.

- I went to the salon and got my hair cut on Friday. It's been too long. And it was divinity. Oh, and how does it look you ask?
Simple, shorter, but not too short - has some fun layers and body to it. It's a good 30 year old hair cut I think.

- Todd finished our taxes this weekend. It's always a relief when those are done and sent off. We are only getting a couple hundred dollars back, but I suppose it's better than owing, and for that I am thankful!

- The weather has been gorgeous. Cool, mild, sunny, and springlike. It's perfect for taking walks and going outside. Tommy is loving it and wants to be outside playing any second he can! I decided his enthusiasm to play and be outdoors is a good thing for me.

- And oh, I'm turning 30 on Saturday. Have I mentioned that yet?


  1. Addie walked by as I was reading this and said, "That's MISS JEN!" and then, "Tommy?"

    We're off to find a picture of Tommy. :)

  2. And I totally misspelled your name. Stupid. Sorry, Jenn!

  3. I love your hair Jenn, you are beautiful hon. Have a blessed day and I'll see you Saturday. Love you much. Gramma

  4. Cute haircut! Have you tried Nordstrom Rack for the flats? They have a bazillion shoes.

  5. You're gorgeous! :D
    I love the new haircut!